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Timoteus Anggawan Kusno

I hear the river called me; along with the songs of summer bugs; and the bamboo trees were starting to dance as the wind kisses.
The endless blue sky, the swinging dragonfly on the branches, and the blanket of golden rice fields were humbly facing the sunset.
The nights crawled in silence. Moriya introduced herself to me. She was so shy, mysterious but open at the same time.

At the beginning of my residency in ARCUS, I was trying not to be bend too much with my proposal, as well as any worldwide stereotypical images about Japan. I just prepared myself to listen, to watch, to feel, to learn and to be open with all questions—as well as to be ready with no answer. I know, 110 days is a short period to get to know this huge, rich, and complex culture. So I just set my self to experience and to be more sensitive.

I spent my time traveling, meet more people, watching local TVs and go to library; have good time and stories; have good beers and karaoke. As I listen more, my curiosity erupted, and some questions bloomed. The experiences of meeting people were attracted me on ’how do people relate themselves to the past’, ‘how do people forget’, and ‘how do people remember’, in the ideas of (imagined) community. In relation to my methodology and previous practice, I was choosing ‘history’, as well as (collective) memory to became my very first rivers to stream those questions. There the ideas were flowing and the research grows. That was the time where my project “I Forgot What I Remember” started, which now is still running.

As I investigated my research questions, I had been so impressed by the hospitality and openness from the people who work together with me here. ARCUS & the supporters as an institution also had been so amazing. They brought productive & supportive atmosphere, which helped artists grow and gain their confidence on developing their works. Well, being a part of this residency has been a great honor for me as a young artist. It's memorable!

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Stephanie Bickford-Smith

ARCUS project had been running for twenty two years by the time of my arrival, with artists coming from twenty nine different countries to this small city called Moriya. There is a reason that ARCUS project is a global coordinate within the Contemporary Art scene and stands as the oldest run artist in residence program in Japan.

Maintaining this cultural magnetism is reliant on the people in the past present and future that play their role in ARCUS project. It is about the artists, the coordinators, the supporters, the locals, professionals in the Japanese Contemporary Art scene and the financial benefactors. It is from the collaboration and commitment of these people that a unique atmosphere is created in the beautiful setting of Japan.

ARCUS project is a matchless introduction into the Japanese Contemporary Art scene. There were frequent opportunities to attend events, exhibitions and talks; to learn about the Japanese art scene, make new contacts and discuss our work. The coordinators at ARCUS provided an immeasurable support, developing my confidence as a contemporary artist in reaching out and working with local people.

ARCUS project’s most important quality for me was in the bonds I made with people that I am sure will play an integral part in my development not only as an artist but also a person. To be able to travel to the other side of the world and enjoy a thorough and fruitful residency is in itself is an amazing experience, but to leave having shared a sense of kinship is something remarkable.

It is challenging to try and encapsulate the 110 days I spent with the ARCUS project into words, it was a place and time with a special and exciting quality- the definition of magical!

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Eduardo Cashusho

My stay during the 110 days at ARCUS Project seems now looking back as some kind of rollercoaster experience of Japan and a personal exploration of my personal art practice. Having just finished my masters in fine arts, this time gave a welcome space to bring the studying and experimentation in my practice out to the public.

I would really have to thank the ARCUS staff for being a strong back-bone that I could rely on to visit and contact the people I worked with throughout my project. As well as the generous help and time that all those from the Escola Opcao and Toride Shoyo gave. It would be difficult to sum up all that occurred in the project that I created in ARCUS, but previous blog posts do a good job at chronicling the experience: ( 2nd workshop at Escola Opcao, 1st workshop with Toride Shoyo students, 1st workshop at Escola Opcao part 2, 1st workshop at Escola Opcao part 1 ), additional there is documentation of the final performance on my own website,, and there will also soon me a post of it on the ARCUS blog too.

I have had an incredible time in Moriya and would also like to thank all the ARCUS supporters for making us feel at home in the city.

Eduardo's studio:OPEN STUDIOS

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