Practice of "Interzone" by Florencia Rodríguez Giles
Hello, everyone. This is Yumiko.

I am writing the practice of "Interzone" from Florencia Rodríguez Giles by passing through my personal experience it will be much longer than usual, however I will be happy if you could read those.

I quote a comment from our guest curator 2014 Mihoko Nishikawa to explain what she has done, or what she was trying to have done here.


Giles’s work commutes across borders between dream and reality, the material and immaterial, the lingual and non-lingual. Presenting images that reference myths and ceremonies, she constructs a narrative-like scene by means of installations, costumes, performances, and paintings. Having staged the scene using various media, she invites people into a subtle, profound world of yugen, fusing reality and fiction. Her experience with “Noh” during a previous stay in Japan has also exerted a powerful effect on her work.
During her residency this time, she is developing a project of recent years in which she collects people’s dreams. Recruiting participants, she had them relate dreams they had when sleeping. During a series of workshops, then, participants shared the elements of those dreams. At workshops, participants wore masks created by the artist and, with faces covered, used their own bodies to enact fragments of dreams seen by other participants. Communication, thus, depended more on movements than words. Giles’s work takes the form of workshops, where participants engage in practicing to communicate the illogical, ambiguous content of dreams. As such, it is like an exercise for traveling freely between reality and the world beyond.

—Mihoko Nishikawa [Guest Curator 2014 / Curator of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo]


I was in charge of the workshop which opened more than ten times as a translator, and I also arranged the schedule. Florencia was calling this workshop "practice" The participants have started to update about their dreams on Facebook since 13th of September, however we had the first practice on 4th of October. So far this has happened in a month and a half.


Practice has various kinds of steps. I do not forget what was happened in the first practice even now. She has had the same kind of practice in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and if she compare with that there was nothing the same about the response of participants. One of reasons is difference of response, speed, attitude to express their emotion, which is based on national character, and for sure the difference of language was the biggest reason to make her anxiety therefor she can not conduct directly.


For most of Japanese, it will need enough time to share each person's dream experiences, specially transform to body language in order to tell someone who are wearing masks, and you do not know about them is uneasy. But on my way of thought it was to be expected, and I was sure that "It will take many time, but this would be a interesting phenomenon." instead of getting worried.

Because Florencia's one of abstract questions was quite working from the first practice.
"Please put your self into the dream you have remembered "
All participants were following about the point to put them into their dreams, so that this is saying a fact "Japanese people did not get used to output, but we are well about to pay attention for inside of ourselves." This fact is also very much important for her practice cause other issue which is physical movement can be solved by training.

Anyway the tension was so high at the first practice, everybody got nervous so that I could not take any photos to not interrupt concentration of participants. So those photos were taken from the middle period.


We could not reach to the stage of a physical movement at the first practice, everyone sit on the floor to hand down each dream. For sure Florencia was impatient about this situation.

Florencia:"How do you think of it? It was totally different from the one I had in Buenos Aires. I am insecure... "
Yumiko:"Well...They made me so surprised. they smoothly change their states to the world of dreams, with highly concentration. In general, Japanese people do not often use body language or gesture as you know, and for me, we already got enough result for this time. I know it cause I am Japanese, instead of that they are so well to dive into their own inside."
Florencia:"Is that so? Hmm whatever I need to think about much different way of approach it. Must be in a hurry. We need to add more days to do practice."
Yumiko:"Well.. I see.(I am really not sure there are so many days that all participants can join... It has became a serious situation.)


Thereafter we have had the practice regularly, and on the other hand the participants kept to post their dreams on Facebook.
Once we invited a professional who had some experiences at theater to improve the participants'physical movement, or Florencia picked several scenes from participants' dream to use for their output.

※For example
"Break two people"
"Burn passport"
"Hug to the dictionary"
"To be Japanese wheat noodle" etc..

Of course these are happened in other's dream she was trying to get into other's dream not only personal one.

Make circle to count from one with clock wise if more than two people called the number in one time, we needs to start again from one, and if there were pause in between calling also has to back to beginning. In that way goes to count until thirty. or instead of counting number use words which is "The language that there is not with the language either"

We do not know each other from daily life so it looks kind of training to get atmosphere of space to build relationship. There were higher tension in everywhere while we were doing the practice as usual.

Some time we had other small practice in that case participants were divided to group, and only few people were coming to participate. In between regular practice Florencia was stoic to embroidering masks, and stitching some fabric. (She also had strong supporters for this process of working)


The latter half of practice was like training to make movement participants.
Bring the things which has appeared on each dream to make certain movement instantly.


All the movements of Practice at OPEN STUDIO 02 was based on these kinds of layers and scoop up by Florencia. So for this all movements were not made by Florencia.

The practice was not performance to show audience the important things are participants to be in between the state of reality and dream.

For sure sometime Florencia has direction like 1st when you tell about dream you need to speak fluent, then speak slight stammer, increase stammering, at last it will be "The language that there is not with the language either※glossolalia (language which has never learn, or language which in completely mess )." Therefor others needs to make sounds that related to "The language that there is not with the language either" in order to make harmony.
...something like those.

Finally there is no understanding about who says what all the things would be intensiveness of sounds, then that made the form of aura even at the time the participants are only "talk about their dreams", and "hearing about dreams". We do not know the meaning of sounds, but there is certain concentrate of aura so that we could assume "good state" or "not good state" were existed.

Each of participant's awareness were stretch around, all of communication were working without language, every connection were changing each time, everything happened in ordinary tatami room with deep aura.


When I look back from now there was a deeply moving thing.

The way of her talk has became abstract, and if you do not know about this practice you can not understand what is going on in anyway, at that time all the participants started to make communication without using the words, and even translation. They all build relationship with using the things which is outside the words.
At last we could share the destination which she never translated to words.
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