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Yen Noh [South Korea]

A Makeshift Platform of the Japanese (Contemporary) Art Topography for All Dada in Japan

1.Statement by Yen Noh
“CAN WE TALK ABOUT MAVO? A Makeshift Platform of the Japanese (Contemporary) Art Topography for All Dada in Japan” attempts to rethink the mindset of Mavo, the Japanese avant-garde collective of the mid-1920s, which has been ignored and not institutionalized in Japanese art history.
I look into the performativity and temporality of the practice of Mavo in order to bring it into a contemporary social and economic context. By doing so, the practice can be reinterpreted into “contemporary” that not only “swims against main” but also claims urgent need for responsibility from us. It is an experiment with the ‘practice of doing’ in which a deliberate misunderstanding, mistranslating and mistransferring are used as a critical method. I take my investigation of Mavo to open the process of it and involve the action of the investigation in giving a platform for creating knowledge in order to practice my history consciousness.
By ‘librarying’ collected books by participation, a makeshift platform will be created to talk over Mavo and the “contemporary”. A panel discussion consisting of experts in different fields - and not necessarily relating to Mavo and art history - will take place in this platform.

2. Comment by Hiroyuki Hattori [ Guest Curator 2016 / Independent curator ]
Yen has been making speech performances using interpretation and translation of things as a subject matter, and in this residency she shifted the gear towards participatory projects which require partaking of others. Having a strong interest in the postcolonialism she starts her journey from the Korean Dadaist poet Yi Sang (1910-1937), extending her insight into the situation in Japan where a deep influence on the modernisation of Korea can be traced. Reflecting upon it she attempts to create a platform for thinking and dialogue, focusing on the Japanese art history after Dada and its turning point in the last centennial. Based on her artist statement / open proposal she calls widely for publications on the history of MAVO, Dada and the modern and contemporary Japanese Art. Collecting the nominated books by the specialists and general public she sets up a library where various events occur as a performance. Dispersed, seemingly incoherent actions recall the activity of Dada, forming a performative and process-based work as a whole.

Special Thanks:
Yukiko Asano, Ameko, Shihoko Iida, Satoshi Ikeda, Risa Iwasaki, Sen Uesaki, Camilo Henriquez, Naoto Oizumi, Koichiro Osaka, Emma Ota, Yoichiro Oda, Toshiharu Omuka, OLTA, Motoki Kawai, Gan Siong King, Noi Sawaragi, Yukiko Shikata, Yoshio Shirakawa, Seong mee Jang, Jo Schmeiser, Yoshinori Takakura, Kaname Takahashi, Kyongfa Che, Ricarda Denzer, Koichi Toyama, Yosuke Nakazato, Shoko Nakajima, Yuji Nawata, Shelia C.Severn Newton, Aya Nomoto, Ernesto Bautista, Ken Hagiwara, Hiroshi Hara, Hikaru Fujii, Florian Pumhösl, Jesse Hogan, Andrew Maerkle, Yukari Miyajima, Rin Miyajima, Teruaki Yamanoi, Hiroki Yamamoto

ARTISTS’ GUILD, Wajiro Kon collection / Kogakuin University Library, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Tokyo University of the Arts, University Library


Photo by Hajime Kato


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