Information of Great East Japan Earthquake (March 1st, 2017)
These are information about Great East Japan Earthquake on the internet as reference data. Please refer to them.

▶Japan Atomic industrial Forum_English
Daily updates on nuclear power station in Fukushima

■Nuclear Power Plants in Japan


'Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake' by Ministry of
Economy, Trade and Industry

Reading of environmental radioactivity levelby Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT)

Nuclear Regulation Authority_English

IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency_English

■The distance from FUKUSHIMA Nuclear Power Plants to IBARAKI, ARCUS
Studio in Moriya city

Emergency & Disaster (IBARAKI Prefectural Government)

AIST: Advanced Industrial Science and Technology_ the south part in IBARAKI

Emergency support desk for foreign residents in Ibaraki:

Moriya City

National Institute of Radiological Science

Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan (inspection of
agricultural products)

ICRP: International Commission on Radiological Protection

Information on Radioactivity Level ( Air ports and ports)

【Report and Media】

The radiodensity in Japan_graphic data_Japanese


Water in IBARAKI_japanese

Science Media Centre of Japan

Citizen's Nuclear Information Center_incl:u-stream posting

'GAIJIN Pot'_WEB Magazine for Foreign residents in Japan
The Great East Japan Earthquake issue

Science for a Changing World


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